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10/22/2014 - worldsteel

September 2014 crude steel production with a slight decrease

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World crude steel production for the 65 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 134 million t (Mt) in September 2014, a slight decrease of -0.1% compared to September 2013. China’s crude steel production for September 2014 was 67.5 Mt, the same compared to September 2013. Elsewhere in Asia, Japan produced 9.2 Mt of crude steel in September 2014, a decrease of -0.5% compared to September 2013. In September 2014, India produced 6.8 Mt of crude steel, an increase of 2.5% compared to the same month 2013. South Korea produced 5.7 Mt of crude steel in September 2014, up by 10.1% on September 2013.

Source: worldsteel, Brussels
10/22/2014 - Environmentally friendly pre-painted coating

SSAB Prelaq GreenCoat now available with High Strength Steel

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SSAB Prelaq GreenCoat is a new type of color coating for steel that is developed from rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil based solvents. The result is an improved coated steel product with longer lasting color as well as a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Source: SSAB, Borlänge
10/21/2014 - World Steel Association

worldsteel announces the 9th steelChallenge launch date

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steelChallenge-9 will begin with the regional championship round on 19 November 2014 and will finish with the world championship round on 11 February 2015. There are two categories: ‘Student’ and ‘Industry’. Entrants in both categories will compete online from their own countries in the first round and the winners will come together in Belgium for the world championship.

Source: worldsteel, Brussels
10/20/2014 - Tenova

Ori Martin commissions one of the most efficient and environmental friendly systems

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A new Consteel Evolution combined with a Tenova iRecovery system will guarantee to Ori Martin a reduction in the consumption to the lowest level while contributing district heating to the local community. Ori Martin is revamping the first European Consteel, installed in Brescia, Italy, in 1998, and which is still operating with a high level of performances today. After 16 years of continuous and successfull operation, the feeding system for EAF will be substituted for a new Consteel Evolution that will increase flexibility, improve quality and reduce consumption.

Source: Tenova, Milan
10/17/2014 - Rautaruukki Corporation

Termination of public trading in shares

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The Board of Directors of Rautaruukki has resolved to apply for the termination of trading in Rautaruukki's shares and for the delisting of the shares from the official list of Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd. An application regarding the matter has been filed with the Listing Committee of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. In the application, it is requested that public trading in Rautaruukki's shares is terminated and the shares are delisted from the official list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange as soon as possible after SSAB has gained title to all the shares in Rautaruukki.

Source: Rautaruukki Corporation, Helsinki
10/16/2014 - Long Products Europe business

Tata Steel's European business signs Memorandum of Understanding

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Tata Steel has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Klesch Group to undertake detailed due diligence and negotiations for the potential sale of its Long Products Europe business and associated distribution activities. The memorandum covers several UK-based assets including Tata Steel's Scunthorpe steelworks, mills in Teesside, Dalzell and Clydebridge in Scotland, an engineering workshop in Workington and a rail consultancy in York, as well as other operations in France and Germany. About 6,500 people are employed at Long Products Europe and its distribution facilities. Tata Steel employs 30,500 people across Europe, including 17,500 in the UK.

Source: Tata Steel, London
10/16/2014 - High level of transparency

Outokumpu recognized again in Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index

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Outokumpu has been recognized as a leader for the depth and quality of its climate change data disclosed to the investors and the global marketplace by CDP. Outokumpu has been awarded for the fifth consecutive year with a position on the Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI).

Source: Outokumpu Oyj, Espoo
Timoteo Di Maulo, new CEO of Aperam. Photo: Aperam
Timoteo Di Maulo, new CEO of Aperam. Photo: Aperam
10/15/2014 - Timoteo Di Maulo

Aperam announces appointment of new CEO

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Philippe Darmayan, aged 62, who has been Chief Executive Officer of Aperam since December 2011, has indicated to the Board of Directors his intention to retire effective 31 December 2014. The Board of Directors has accepted Philippe Darmayan's request and announces the appointment of Timoteo Di Maulo, currently member of Aperam's Management Committee, as Chief Executive Officer from 1 January 2015. Until that time, Philippe Darmayan and Timoteo Di Maulo will work closely to ensure a smooth transition. Philippe Darmayan will retain links with the company as advisor and will be proposed to become a member of Aperam's Board of Directors at the Company's next General Shareholders' Meeting.

Source: Aperam, Luxembourg
Four finalists have been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize. Photo: SSAB, Henrik Hansson
Four finalists have been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize. Photo: SSAB, Henrik Hansson
10/10/2014 - SSAB

Swedish Steel Prize finalists 2014

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New and innovative solutions, high quality and increased competitiveness characterize this year’s four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Stockholm on November 20, 2014. “It is very exciting to be part of this jury- and nomination work and to experience all the creativity in taking the next steps in the development of the use of high strength steel. During the 16 years that the Swedish Steel Prize has been awarded, we have been able to follow how the driving forces for the use of high strength steel have changed, from lower weight and safety to environmental benefits and increased competitiveness,” says jury chairman Gregoire Parenty, SSAB’s Executive Vice President and Head of Market Development.

Source: SSAB, Stockholm
10/10/2014 - Eurofer steel market update

EU steel imports continued to rise in July and August

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The latest EU customs statistics show that third country imports remained on a rising trend in July and August: finished steel imports rose 32 % year-on-year, compared with a 6 % rise in Q1 and 33 % rise in Q2. This means that over the first 8 months of this year total finished steel imports rose 21 %. While flat product imports grew 15 % year-on-year, long product imports increased by a staggering 49 %. These growth rates of third country imports arriving in the EU contrast sharply with the only very moderate growth of apparent consumption. Eurofer statistics show demand for finished steel products in the 1st half of 2014 rising almost 5.5 % compared with 2013.

Source: Eurofer, Brussels