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7/28/2015 - Steel imports continued to decline in June, falling by 10.3 % from May and 15.6 % from a year earlier

Steel imports in the U.S. decline

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Imports have now decreased for five straight months and seven of the past eight months, and the 3.05 million net t of imports in June were nearly one-third lower than the total last October. Imports from Brazil recorded the biggest decline – nearly 29 % from May and 22 % from June 2014 to 363 000 net t. The European Union shipped 477 000 net t of steel to the United States in June, 23.3 % less than in May and 25.7 % less than the previous June. Imports from China fell almost 37 % from May and 17.5 % from June 2014 to 191 000 net t, while Mexico sold 204 000 net t of steel north of the border, 7.8 % less than the previous month and about half the amount from the previous June.

Source: AIIS, Falls Church, VA
Troostwijk Veilingen b.v.
7/27/2015 - Outotec Oyj

Change in the shareholding

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In accordance with the Securities Market Act, Chapter 9, Section 5, Mandarine Gestion (40 avenue George V - 75008 Paris, France) has informed that its holdings in shares of Outotec Oyj (OTE1V) on July 24, 2015 has exceeded 5% and were 9,253,697 shares, which represents 5.05% of the share capital. The share capital of Outotec Oyj consists of 183,121,492 shares and each share is entitled to one vote at the general meeting of shareholders.

Source: Outotec Oyj, Espoo
7/24/2015 - Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and the SMS group concluded a supply contract for equipment for a new continuous galvanizing line

ММК investing in new hot dip galvanizing line

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The contract value is above 25 million €. The production capacity of the new plant is more than 360 000 t per year. The first coil of galvanized steel is expected to be rolled in just two years. According to the contract, the German machinery and plant construction group will not only supply the required equipment, spare parts, and technical documentation to OJSC MMK, but will also render training and programming services, will supervise the erection, and prepare the plant for commissioning.

Source: MMK, Magnitogorsk
7/23/2015 - worldsteel

June 2015 crude steel production decreases

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World crude steel production for the 65 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 136 million t (Mt) in June 2015, a -2.4% decrease compared to June 2014. World crude steel production in the first six months of 2015 was 813.0 Mt, a decrease of -2.0% compared to the same period of 2014. The Middle East showed an increase of 2.9% whereas both North America and C.I.S. reported negative growth of -6.9% in the first half of 2015. Crude steel production in Asia declined by -1.5% while it increased by 0.5% in the EU 28. South American production remained the same in the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period of 2014.

Source: worldsteel, Brussels
7/20/2015 - Eurofer

Little gain for EU steel despite rising demand

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EU steel demand is expected to rise by 1.5% in 2015 on the back of sustained momentum in Europe’s economic growth, despite ongoing uncertainty. However, European producers are not expected to benefit as improving steel demand will be met by imports of the metal, anticipated to be up 5% this year. In the first quarter of 2015, GDP growth sustained the momentum seen in the second half of 2014, and the signs that domestic demand is modestly rebounding are getting stronger. This GDP growth is currently being driven by private consumption. Low oil prices, weak inflation, low interest rates and improving wage growth in several EU countries are paving the way for moderate increases in consumer spending.

Source: Eurofer, Brussels
7/13/2015 - Platts China Steel Sentiment Index for July Fell on Weak Price Outlook

Big drop seen in expectations for domestic and export steel prices in July

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The outlook for steel prices in China slumped to a six-month low, while expectations for domestic orders during July also deteriorated, according to the latest Platts China Steel Sentiment Index (Platts CSSI) for July, which showed a headline reading of 26.5 out of a possible 100 points. “Steel prices in China were in free-fall in June despite slightly stronger iron ore prices,” said Paul Bartholomew, Platts managing editor, steel & steel raw materials. “Therefore, mills and traders were bearish about the prospects of any near-term price recovery, particularly as steel demand is expected to slow in the hotter summer months. Steel market participants anticipated higher steel production and inventories for July, which could add to the downward pressure on steel prices.”

Source: Platts, Beijing
CorShield S-69 are anticorrosion additives to water treatment formulations to replace chromates, nitrites, phosphonates, amines and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. Foto: Cortec
CorShield S-69 are anticorrosion additives to water treatment formulations to replace chromates, nitrites, phosphonates, amines and other types of restricted corrosion inhibitors. Foto: Cortec
7/9/2015 - CorShield S 69

Solution for Water Treatment Industries

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CorShield S-69 are non-toxic, economical and readily water-soluble powders and liquids designed utilizing Cortec's revolutionary VpCI technology. These corrosion preventatives are environmentally safe and cost efficient alternative to traditional corrosion inhibitor formulations. They efficiently prevent corrosion and pitting while being free of nitrites, phosphates, amines or heavy metals. Building blocks are effective in low concentrations thus make an economical solution and give products added market value. Utilizing CorShield S-69 customers are able to eliminate expensive corrosion resistant materials.

Source: Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minnesota
Stahlwerk von Evraz Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Kanada. Foto: Evraz Regina
Stahlwerk von Evraz Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Kanada. Foto: Evraz Regina
7/7/2015 - Kanada

Evraz modernisiert Stahlwerk

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Der Stahlerzeuger Evraz Regina hat Primetals Technologies den Auftrag zur Modernisierung seines Stahlwerks in Regina, Provinz Saskatchewan, Kanada erteilt. Das Projekt umfasst eine Komplettlösung einschließlich der mechanischen und elektrischen Ausrüstungen sowie der Automatisierungstechnik von der Qualitätsverbesserung beim Flüssigstahl bis hin zum fertigen Bund. Der Auftrag beinhaltet die Installation einer neuen Vakuumentgasungsanlage sowie die Modernisierung der vorhandenen Brammenstranggießanlage und des Grobblech- und Steckelwalzwerks. Dies wird es Evraz Regina ermöglichen, die API-Stahlsorten X70 und X80 mit einer Dicke von 25,4 Millimetern beziehungsweise 19,1 mm für die Herstellung von Rohren für den wachsenden kanadischen Markt zu produzieren. Der Installation der neuen Ausrüstungen ist für das vierte Quartal 2016 geplant.

Source: Primetals Technologies, London
7/6/2015 - Richtlinie zur Darstellung

Stahlkonstruktionen in Werkstattzeichnungen

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EU supports testing of groundbreaking iron production technology

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The European Union has agreed to contribute 7.4 million euros towards testing a groundbreaking new iron production process being developed at Tata Steel’s IJmuiden steelworks in the Netherlands. The 6-month test campaign of the HIsarna pilot plant in 2016 will establish whether the new technology can produce molten iron in a stable way over a sustained period of time. The EU’s support represents nearly a third of the 25-million euro test costs next year. If the technology is viable and can be scaled up successfully, it would enable further resource efficiency improvements in steelmaking – using the world’s limited resources in a more sustainable way while minimising impacts on the environment. Steel companies would be able to use a wider range of raw materials, including recycling materials, and the technology would lead to 20 % lower CO2 emissions. If successful, the HIsarna technology could deliver greater environmental and economic sustainability 10 to 15 years from now.

Source: Tata Steel, IJmuiden, The Netherlands
7/1/2015 - Roughing shear revamping project

AIC gets final acceptance certificate in Siderperu, Gerdau group

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AIC has successfully accomplished the roughing shear revamping project in Siderperu, Tren 2, located in Nuevo Chimbote, Ancash/Peru and received the final acceptance certificate. The job consisted in replacing the complete automation and power control of the start/stop roughing shear installing a Siemens Simotion technology after a previous successful project regarding the cooling bed entry shears commissioned on last October, as to confirm the good job done at that time. The roughing shear has been brought from an AC motor and drive configuration to a DC configuration using SIEMENS Sinamics DCM drive to reuse a dc motor existing in plant and to improve cuts precisions. The collaboration started last year between Siderperu and AIC has been so strengthened with this job.

AIC is a global system integrator providing advanced and tailored automation solutions for the steel industry, with the aim to continuously improve both efficiency, competitiveness and safety of the production processes. With more than 800 applications worldwide and 40 years of history, AIC can boost an unique experience in both greenfield and revamping projects in long products rolling mills and continuous casting machines.

Source: AIC, Odolo, Italy
6/29/2015 - New in-depth study – China's state capitalism said to be biggest threat to industries’ existence in Europe

China wants the EU to recognise it as a market economy

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A few days before the EU-China Summit on 29 June, an in-depth study by economists confirms that China is far away from being a market economy. Several hundreds of national, regional and sectoral five-year plans, pervasive state control over businesses, subsidies that have doubled over the past five years, and dumped exports financed by state-owned banks - these are only some examples of how the People’s Republic of China controls its industry.

Source: Eurofer, Brussels, Belgium
6/25/2015 - Changsha, China

Record-breaking skyscraper built in 19 days

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ArcelorMittal supplied 10345 t of steel for an ambitious project to construct a 57-storey skyscraper in a record-breaking 19 days.

Broad Sustainable Building made headlines for constructing the high-rise in Changsha, China, at the equivalent rate of three storeys per day, using a total of 10345 t of Histar beams, supplied by ArcelorMittal Europe’s long products plant in Differdange, Luxembourg.

Source: ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg
Source: worldsteel
Source: worldsteel
6/23/2015 - May 2015 crude steel production for the 65 countries reporting to worldsteel

World crude steel production in May 2015 decreases compared to May 2014

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China’s crude steel production for May 2015 was 70.0 million t, a -1.7 % decrease compared to May 2014. Japan produced 8.9 million t of crude steel in May 2015, a decrease of -7.0 % compared to May 2014. South Korea’s crude steel production for May 2015 was 6.0 million t of crude steel, down by -2.6 % compared to May 2014.

Source: World Steel Association, Brussels, Belgium
6/23/2015 - Dumping investigations against China

Towards fair competition in Latin America’s steel industry

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Following the meeting of the Steel Committee of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the strong insistence of the steel industry on the damage that current overcapacity and unfair trade practices of China are causing to the global and Latin American steel markets, the governments of our continent are beginning to act in favor of ensuring a level playing field in regional trade. In Latin America, there are currently 27 resolutions in force against steel imports from China, and another 4 investigations in progress.

Source: Alacero, Santiago, Chile